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6 Reasons Why No One Wants to Use the Intranet

Every wondered why some intranets have low employee adoption rates? Get to why to help boost your company intranet.

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Many organisations deploy intranets to make employees more productive by making their daily lives easier. It is also believed that an intranet can break down silos and bridge the gap between sectors. However, it’s not always the case. 

Every year, more than 40% of intranets fail. Being able to determine possible causes of why an intranet might fail can increase the chances that your company's intranet would be successful. It’s best to know these things early on to ensure high adoption rates of your intranet after spending lots of time, money, and effort on planning and creating one.

Here are some of the reasons why employees are not using a company intranet:

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6 Reasons Why No One Uses the Intranet

You may have all the information and resources that your employees need on your intranet. The problem is, that they cannot easily find the information they need. Each user interprets navigation titles differently, that’s why it’s crucial to have a user-friendly intranet. 

You can do that by having a mega menu on your top navigation and making sure that you have comprehensive navigational titles to prevent users from going to multiple pages just to get what they need. 

According to Nielsen Norman Group, you should organise your intranet in a logical way such as organising based on user tasks. This helps users to learn and remember where to get the information they need. 

2. Lack of Training 

Let’s say all crucial information is already organised in your intranet, but some users may still have difficulties in finding them. 

Most probably, they don’t know how to use and navigate through the intranet. Including training materials and references on how to use your intranet will help solve this problem.

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3. Does Not Include Up-to-date Information

Your company intranet should be a source of fresh and up-to-date information. 

One of the main reasons why an intranet fails is companies fail to update fresh content on their intranet. Employees will not be able to use your intranet effectively if the information in it is not relevant or useful to their current work or tasks. 

The solution is to constantly update and remove outdated information on your intranet. This will not only help your employees be more efficient but also prevents misinformation.  

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4. Shared Information is Elsewhere

A particular problem that affects organisations in this day and age is that there are multiple ways of communicating with staff. For example, you may use instant messaging chat, Facebook, or Slack, and then rely on other traditional methods like email and newsletters.

It's helpful to decide what platform should be on each system. For example, information that is ephemeral, that is only needed for a short while is best suited for instant messaging systems or slack. When information is much more relevant and important to all staff, for example how to complete employee appraisals, that information would be better off not stored on instant messaging systems but on your intranet. Similarly, policies should be kept on the Internet like staff handbooks.

5. Poor and Ineffective Search Features

Having an effective search feature on your intranet is everything. In fact, McKinsley found that their staff spends about 9.3 hours searching for documents on their intranet on a weekly basis. But, what if your intranet has poor search capabilities? Your employees will get frustrated for wasting time on searching for the information they need—which decreases intranet adoption. 

A functional and effective intranet has intuitive search features. Steegle.One has easy-to-use and search capabilities. Users can type any keyword and get results in seconds!

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6. Management Does Not Use It Effectively

If you launch an intranet but your management does not use it, why would your employees use it?

It’s important for the management team to support your company's intranet by using it to store important documents and information, make announcements, or use it as a form of communication. 

Instead of using an email news blast, why not utilise your intranet? This will encourage employees to use your intranet to get relevant company news and information.

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Article by Maria Gabrielle

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