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What Content Do Employees Want from their HR Department on the Intranet?

Dedicated HR content on your intranet will make it easier for both the employees and the HR department to share the message accross which saves time, money, and effort.

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Nowadays, (especially in the hybrid working environments many companies find themselves having) employees rely on the company intranet for company information.

Here are reasons why HR content is important:

Types of HR Content in the Intranet

Learning and Training

While it’s unusual to deliver direct learning and training on an intranet, this is important to make it easier for employees to access learning materials. 

For instance, you can create tutorials on how to navigate the intranet. 

It will also be helpful to employees if they have access to a shared folder where they can learn more about certain topics and processes.

Steegle.One training resources page

HR Policies and Procedures

There are numerous policies and procedures that managers and employees will need from time to time when they need to make decisions, carry out HR processes, or complete a certain task. 

An intranet is the best way to give your staff access to important and up-to-date HR policies and procedures. 

For example, this should include steps on how to register for a vacation leave. 


Having FAQs on your intranet will save lots of time for the HR department. 

Employees can look up answers by themselves for frequently asked questions. 

No need to personally ask an HR personnel about their concerns.

HR Communications and Updates

The HR department should provide frequent updates, reminders, and news about changes in the core processes, annual appraisals, surveys, and many more.  

Having this on your intranet can also prevent miscommunication that can happen sometimes when HR departments feed information down to local managers to convey to their staff, which sometimes can go wrong in busy organisations. 

Employee Onboarding

In an intranet, the HR department usually focuses on announcements and updates. Supporting employee onboarding by welcoming new employees and making sure they have all the information needed will increase employee satisfaction and retention. 

Based on research, the onboarding process is important for new hires and will determine their impression of the whole organisation. An intranet is the best way to have a strong onboarding experience.

The HR department can gather all relevant information for new hires in one place to make the whole process less overwhelming. This can include a schedule of tasks, important links, a list of contacts, and the list goes on. 

Screenshot of Steegle.One resources page

Well-Being Hub

One of the priorities of the HR department is to ensure the health and wellbeing of employees. Some organisations have a specific space on their intranet for wellbeing-related content and resources. This usually includes:

Employee Resource Groups (or Affinity Groups)

Diversity and inclusion are a top priority for organisations. An intranet can support this by providing supporting spaces for employee resource groups or ERGs. 

ERGs are groups where employees have common interests and characteristics. Here are common affinity groups or ERGs:


Having a designated place in the intranet where employees can report certain types of wrongdoings in the workplace anonymously. Employees can raise their concerns any time about an incident that happened in the past, now, or in the near future. The whistleblower is protected by law and no one should be treated unfairly or lose a job just because he or she “blew the whistle”. This is important in a workplace but most often than not, we do not see this.  

Complaints that count as whistleblowing include any of the following:

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