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What is Google Looker Studio? 

The Looker Studio is part of the Google Marketing Platform toolkit that features other resources to help with the marketing of companies. Let's learn more about this business intelligence tool.

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Google Looker Studio or formerly known as the Google Data Studio is a Business Intelligence software that allows you to create customizable, responsive, and interactive dashboards and reports.

Data visualization can be used in business decisions, help data scientists explore advancements in artificial intelligence, help teachers display students’ test results, and is often used by executives to share business data or information with stakeholders.

With Looker Studio, you can import third-party data from LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Vertica, or other data sources. 

The reports are dynamic, which means if you update the data on the original source, it will automatically update the report in Looker Studio.

Looker Studio is previously Google Data Studio

Google Looker Studio transforms raw data into an informative and scalable tables, charts, and graphs to simplify reporting or data visualization. 

Features of Looker Studio

Looker Studio allows you to import third-party data like LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Vertica, spreadsheets, or other data sources. 

The reports are dynamic, which means if you update the data on the original source, it will automatically update the report in Looker Studio.

As a bonus, it’s free to use!

It features a drag-and-drop report editor and allows you to do the following:

Here is an example of a report created using Looking Studio. You can interact with the report or use it as a template to create your own report or dashboard.

Where is Looker Studio Used?

Looker Studio is widely used by small and big companies for tracking progress or performance metrics in different areas such as sales, marketing, people management, finance, and business administration.

Here are the primary functions of Looker Studio:

To Analyze Data [steegle global map - ask Stephen]

Reports and dashboards created using Looker Studio are mainly for data analysis and visualization. You can evaluate data from e-commerce sales, websites, social media engagement, the growth of your competitors, performance in paid media, and other elements. 

Display Results

Looker Studio reports are interactive, easy to understand, and visually appealing. Thus, you can use it to present campaign and strategy results or real-time analytics to prove the value of your market. You can also share dashboards with other people and they can interact with the report, change date ranges, and filter the data they want to download or view. 

Performance Management

You can also monitor the performance of your organization or strategies with Looker Studio. For instance, if you’re marketing a campaign, your entire team can track the performance and optimize its aspects to yield better results. 

This can be done in real-time as data updates automatically, allowing you to quickly adjust your campaigns.

How Looker Studio Works

With Looker Studio, you can use a wide variety of data sources to visualize your report without programming. You can connect to the following datasets:

Your visualized report can easily be shared with your team or other individuals. You can authorize others to edit or view real-time data or send them links in scheduled emails. Additionally, you can embed your reports in websites, such as Google Sites, marketing articles, annual reports, and blog posts.

How to Visualize Google Analytics Report in Looker Studio

2. Log into your Google account. 

3.  Click 

and select Data Source.

4. You will see the “Add data to report” panel and select the Google Analytics connector.

5. Double-click on the “Untitled Data Source” and rename it. 

6. Find the data you want to visualize and select it. 

7. Click the “Connect” button on the ride side of the page. 

8. Click on the “Create Report” button on the ride side of the page. 

9. A dialog box should appear and click “Add to Report”.

10. Change the name of the report by double-clicking on the “Untitled Report”.

Alternative Business Intelligence Solutions

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