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15 Essential Types of Content Your Intranet Should Have

Want to make your intranet more valuable? Consider these types of content!

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This article discusses 15 essential types of content that should be included on a company intranet to make it more valuable and useful for employees. This includes guidance on using the intranet, company documents/policies, goals/strategies, products/services, employee spotlight and feedback, HR information, training opportunities, timely updates, and more. The article also provides examples from Steegle's intranet platform called Steegle.One which includes features like automatic staff profiles, a company mission page, surveys to gather feedback, and affinity groups.


A valuable intranet may include essential elements such as news, employee directory, communities, or search capabilities. Moreover, an intranet should also have quality content to help employees carry out everyday tasks. Some companies use their intranet to share important information and company news with employees. 

In comparison, others use it to increase internal interaction and encourage employees to engage in forums or groups to promote stronger relationships among colleagues.

No matter your goal, your intranet content should be aligned with your company’s objectives. In this article, we will discuss with you the essential types of content your intranet should have. These types of content contribute to your intranet’s success, drive efficiency, and improve employee intranet adaption.

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15 Types of Content for Your Intranet

When launching your intranet, don’t forget to publish a guide on using the intranet. Even though modern intranets are intuitive and easy to use, some employees who have little knowledge of technology might need a hand. FAQs, knowledge bases, instructional videos, or detailed instructions are helpful to users. 

Steegle.One intranet includes how-tos when navigating the intranet like adding news, how to use search options, how to search people, and others.

2. Company official documents, policies, and forms

When you don’t have a designated location to store important company documents, it would be time-consuming for your employees to find a particular form or file. There’s also no guarantee that they will use the updated version of the document. 

Creating a designated location where updated documents, policies, and forms will prevent employees from using the outdated version.

Steegle.One company mission page

3. Company goals and strategies

Ensure to have an area or page on the intranet where company strategy is available. The content should include any sub-strategies for different lines of business. 

Presentation slide decks, and other useful assets. Don’t forget to keep this information updated. 

4. Product and services

The products and services you offer should be on your intranet. This is crucial for sales staff or frontline employees who offers your products and services to clients. 

Moreover, it gives other employees an idea about what the company does externally. It also supports better customer service.

Steegle.One employee spotlight page

5. Employee spotlight

Having an employee spotlight page on your intranet boosts employee morale. 

It also helps bring employees together and recognize the accomplishments of their colleagues. 

Recognizing your employees’ accomplishments and contributions helps them strive for the better and keeps them motivated. 

In the Steegle Steegle.One Intranet, we have a designated page for Employee Spotlight of the month where we highlight their achievements.

About Steegle.One Intranet For Google Workspace

At Steegle, we believe that an effective intranet can greatly enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity in the workplace. As experts in the industry, we understand the significant impact of having a centralized platform that captures an organization's knowledge, culture, and information. 

That's why we created Steegle.One - a user-friendly platform designed with simplicity and automation in mind, which makes it easy for both new and experienced employees to access the data, news, and information they need. 

In today's hybrid work environments, it's critical to have an up-to-date intranet that remains relevant to staff. With Steegle.One, you can take advantage of features like 100% Google workspace integration like  automated staff profiles that are generated and removed whenever a new user joins or leaves. You can implement and maintain an intranet with ease, empowering your employees to be more productive, efficient, and effective in their work.

Dr. Peter Chadha

Head of Intranet Employee Experience Products at Steegle 

6. Information about other locations

If your organization has multiple locations, putting relevant details about the location will be helpful. 

You can add photos of the office too.

 Here are some examples you can include:

PICTURE SHOW By promoting Corporate Social Responsibility and living out our values, we create a culture that fosters engagement and belonging for our employees. By showing how we help our community, we can attract and retain top talent who share our commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

7. Task and process information

Some intranets have a section where information about how tasks and processes are carried out. This helps employees save time in finding the information they need when completing simple and complex tasks. Creating tasks pages is time-consuming but it can benefit both the organization and the employees.

8. Corporate social responsibility and values

This specific content helps increase engagement, drive culture, and gives employees a sense of belonging and purpose. Showing how your organization helps the community is important in retaining and attracting talent. 

9. HR information

How do employees benefit from an intranet? 

One way is to give them access to important HR information including benefits, pay, vacation leaves, or individual training. This content is essential because it saves time for HR executives because employees will have access to all information they need.

10. Key Training

Let’s face it, most intranet content is seldom used. One way to boost engagement is to provide crucial content such as educational or training materials. 

This refers to the use of an organization's internal network to provide employees with learning opportunities and resources to enhance their skills and knowledge. 

This can include access to e-learning modules, virtual training sessions, webinars, and other training materials that can be accessed through the company's intranet portal. Intranet-based training can be an effective way to deliver consistent training content to employees across different locations and departments, while also allowing for tracking and reporting of employee progress and completion. 

11. Quicklinks

Quicklinks are typically shortcuts or links to frequently visited websites, pages, or resources within a website Internal communication platforms should include quick links to increase intranet adaption and employee engagement. 

They can be placed in a prominent location on a webpage, such as a menu bar, sidebar, or footer, for easy access. Quicklinks can help users navigate a website more efficiently and quickly find the information they need. 

They can also be used to highlight important or popular content, such as news articles or featured products. 

If you have important information to share, add a quick link on the homepage of your intranet so users can easily spot it.

picture of Steegle.One intranet for google sites  news mosaic presenting news from different parts of the business

12. Timely updates or information

The company intranet is used to keep employees informed about fresh and engaging content. 

Providing timely updates gives employees access to important information. 

Additionally, users are given remote access to relevant files or documents that are in one place. 

In Steegle Steegle.One Intranet, all important documents or information can be accessed by employees in one place.

See News Mosaic part of Steegle.One

13. Employee feedback loops

An engaging intranet allows employees to voice out their concerns, ask questions, or share their thoughts regarding issues or changes they would like to address with their management or employer. 

This feature drives a sense of inclusion and belonging, which in return, improves employee retention. 

One way to get feedback from employees is by conducting surveys. In Steegle Steegle.One Intranet, employers can conduct surveys to get feedback.

Check out Intranet Surveys: Getting Feedback From Your Employees for more information.

14. Community-building fun and facts

An intranet can provide a valuable opportunity for employees to build communities and foster a sense of belonging in the workplace. By promoting a fun and interactive environment, employees are more likely to feel connected, motivated, and productive.

At Steegle, we believe that an inclusive workplace is essential for success, which is why our Steegle.One Intranet platform is designed to promote diversity and inclusion. Our platform features affinity groups, sometimes called employee resource groups (ERGs), such as LGBTQ+, women in the workplace, and young professionals. These groups provide a space for employees with shared interests or backgrounds to connect, share ideas, and support each other.

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of affinity groups in the workplace, we invite you to read our article on the topic - Benefits of Affinity Groups at Work .  

15. Customer wins

Sharing recent customer wins on an intranet can be a great way to boost morale and motivate employees. 

By providing details about the process, competitive wins, and brand recognition, employees can feel inspired to aim higher and generate a sense of pride in the company's accomplishments. 

It can also foster a positive work environment where employees feel connected and motivated to do their best work. 


Why is a guide on using the intranet important when launching it?

A guide on using the intranet is crucial, especially for employees less familiar with technology. It includes FAQs, knowledge bases, instructional videos, or detailed instructions to help users navigate the intranet effectively.

Why is it necessary to have a designated location for company documents, policies, and forms on the intranet?

Having a designated location ensures that employees can easily access updated versions of important company documents, policies, and forms, preventing the use of outdated information.

What role does showcasing company goals and strategies play on the intranet?

The intranet should have a dedicated section for company goals and strategies, including sub-strategies for different lines of business. Keeping this information updated fosters alignment with organizational objectives.

Why should information about products and services be included on the intranet?

Inclusion of products and services on the intranet is crucial for sales staff and frontline employees, offering insights into what the company does externally and supporting better customer service.

How does an employee spotlight page contribute to intranet success?

An employee spotlight page boosts morale, encourages employee recognition, and helps create a sense of community by highlighting the achievements and contributions of colleagues.

What is the importance of information about other locations on the intranet for organizations with multiple locations?

Including details about other locations, such as maps, facilities, local information, and photos, helps employees across various locations feel connected and informed.

How does providing task and process information on the intranet benefit employees?

This section helps employees save time by providing information on how tasks and processes are carried out, enhancing efficiency in completing both simple and complex tasks.

Why is it important to showcase corporate social responsibility and values on the intranet?

This content enhances employee engagement, fosters organizational culture, and provides a sense of belonging by showcasing how the organization contributes to the community.

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