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Reasons Why Your Accounting Business Needs an Intranet

Wondering how an employee experience platform could help your accounting business? Read on!

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In every business, change is constant. Many businesses find themselves dealing with major changes including emerging technologies. The accounting industry is no exception. Accounting is one of the corporate functions that is dealing with digital transformation. Intelligent automation enhances efficiency and productivity of finance employees. A digital workforce helps in increasing cash flow and improving accuracy.  

With the increasing number of employees that wants flexible working options accounting businesses have been struggling to improve remote and hybrid working environments in a way that supports their staff’s productivity and efficiency. Many companies find it difficult to share files, connect with colleagues, access key information, and collaborate with each other—which holds the business back.

Having an intranet or employee experience platform (EXP) will help solve these problems in your business. An intranet has all the tools and information that your employees need. Moreover, intranets support hybrid and remote working environments.

Benefits of an Intranet for Your Accounting and Service Business

Empowering workers

Services sector staff are an expensive Resource and empowering them with the maximum amount of knowledge about the organisation and enabling them to find files, folders, and procedures efficiently have a big benefit. 

Enables Flexibility

Nowadays, most employees are looking for flexible working options. Having an intranet will support. The solution? A digital workspace or intranet allows hybrid and remote working setups.

Accountants and Back-Office Teams are More Productive

About 79% of accountants believe that their clients have demanding expectations. With a digital workspace, the back-office teams and accountants can complete their tasks faster and more efficiently.

Sector differentiation

As your business size increases it's great to have specialisms. Using the internet you can have a specialism in a particular sector technology and software companies or food and restaurant companies, and you can make them into specialist pages where people are unfamiliar with that. Factor can learn about it and understands who the key resources are in the business and join. This can help win bigger clients or specialists of a particular country or group.

Billing and Collection Accuracy

Having an accurate record of collection and billing is crucial in monitoring your client’s financial information as well as the progress of your accounting business. There are many automated programs that you can use to calculate data, adjust assets, and transfer funds which can. Reduce miscalculations. Additionally, your accountants can easily correct any mistakes before finalizing reports.


Security is very important for professional practice accounting and services firms, probably more so than many other businesses because they are dealing with highly sensitive information. Having a system that is accessible and secure can be a challenge. This is where Solutions like Microsoft SharePoint or Google sites can be helpful because it integrates with your existing Microsoft 365 or your Google Workspace environment and authentication is handled in a robust way 

Conflict of interest 

Having a good internet can help companies understand which clients and sectors they serve as well as help in the case of needing to identify if there is a conflict of interest before they onboard a new client. To take on a silly example that helps illustrate the point for example if you can see. You have a client of Coca-Cola that allows you to be sure and helps you to prevent making the mistake of taking on Pepsi as a new client. If you do decide to take the Client on you can put in policies procedures and Chinese walls to make sure that there is no conflict of interest

Improved Collaboration 

Professionals are expensive resources and even a few minutes spent repeating stuff that's been done before 4AS up to be very costly. having an intranet that AIDS collaboration can reduce this cost Burden and make for a highly efficient and effective firm that will hit the bottom line down the road and save money 

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Article by Maria Gabrielle

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