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Your Current Scenario:

Whether you're a start-up looking for your first email and productivity system or a well-established organisation that wishes to take advantage of the scalability, security and reliability that collaboration in the cloud offers, then G Suite from Google Cloud can provide various benefits for any work scenario. All businesses, educational establishments and nonprofit organisations can benefit from a G Suite deployment to increase productivity and collaboration while reducing costs.

How Steegle can help:

With decades of information technology experience and G Suite in particular we can give you the benefit of our expertise in deploying and configuring G Suite to meet your needs in the most effective and secure way .

The Service:

The Google Cloud Certified Professional Collaboration Engineers at Steegle want to help you deploy G Suite in an effective and secure way, following industry best practices and Google's guidelines. We meet with all the relevant stakeholders in your organisation to define the best G Suite deployment scenario for your needs. We usually take the following approach:

  • Listen - only until we have heard from you can we begin to fully understand what G Suite options and configuration you need for your deployment;

  • Ideate - develop a plan to efficiently and securely deploy G Suite for your organisation in Google Cloud;

  • Collaborate - constantly feedback to and work with your teams to ensure G Suite deployment meets your organisation's needs;

  • Deliver - provide increased productivity, collaboration and security and offer ongoing expert G Suite deployment support.

Client Case Study - Maybo

Conflict management training G Suite Deployment

Maybo needed to improve their outdated IT infrastructure, to support growth and internationalisation in Australasia. Steegle performed an audit and gave unbiased advice on various solutions. G Suite was selected and our team designed a G Suite deployment to meet the needs of the forward-thinking Maybo team. This gave many time-saving benefits and efficiencies like Salesforce integration with G Suite and reap the reliability of 100% cloud for all their systems.

We then set about a wholesale G Suite deployment and training with enhanced Salesforce integration for users based in Europe and Australasia.

The Steegle Deployment Process

  • Understanding the organisation's G Suite deployment needs

  • Understanding the projects risks and dependencies that G Suite deployment can mitigate

  • Auditing the day-to-day system usage to identify improvements can G Suite deployment offer

  • Staff training and change management to realise the G Suite deployment benefits

The Outcome

  • Typical staff productivity increase by 23-35%

  • Reduced annual operational costs by 75%