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Instant Directory and Org Charts

Organization chart and searchable staff directory for G Suite that automatically generates org charts to show your organization structure and real-time search results

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Searchable G Suite User/Staff/Employee Directory

for Google Sites intranets and mobile web using Steegle People

Many organisations need to find their employees quickly and easily from their intranets and mobile devices using only one click. Steegle People is a G Suite people finder that gives a friendly and easy-to-use interface to search and filter for employees, staff, coworkers and colleagues based on the information you already have in your G Suite user directory. Steegle People for G Suite provides automatic organization charts built from the relationships, hierarchies and organizational structures defined in G Suite. Steegle People integrates your Google contacts web app into your employee experience portal to help find where each person fits in the organization and the reporting relationship between the management structure.

If you do not want to use the G Suite user information Steegle People can use another source like Google Sheets instead. Steegle People creates a more intuitive way to interact with your Google contacts to help collaborate across disparate teams by its ready-made organogram (similar to a Matrix organizational structure). This helps solve business problems and workforce planning caused by not knowing the reporting structure or having non syncing third-party tools that disagrees with reality and gives incorrect visual communication.

Automatic Organizational Chart of Entire Company

Steegle People for G Suite Directory uses the manager relationship field in G Suite to automatically generate an organization chart for your direct colleagues or a large view of the full organisation if required, with a single click. This means you do not need to use another org chart tool to visualize your departmental organizational structure and can use the information your G Suite directory already provides. The Steegle teams helps with installing our Google app widget to your intranet and we include this as part of the service, so no need for extra diagramming software like Microsoft Visio or having to resort to Microsoft Powerpoint. Steegle People for G Suite can easily import from other organizational chart systems like Pingboard, and bulk import image files to the G Suite user photos.

GDPR Compliant

Unlike other directory add ons Steegle People for G Suite runs within your G Suite environment and searches the G Suite directory directly, so no information is shared outside of G Suite and no third-party tool has access to your personally identifiable data. This means you do not need any further data sharing or processing agreements as none of your employee personal information is shared outside of G Suite.

Org Chart Quick Demo

by Steegle People for G Suite

Search for employees, coworkers and colleagues and see where they fit in the organization structure with Steegle People for G Suite

Steegle People for G Suite org chart maker is a powerful visualization of your corporate structure that allows you to create a shareable document, with a professional look, you can export to PDF the online diagram without the need for a Google Chrome Extension. No additional sign on needed and access in controlled through G Suite alone.

Steegle People for G Suite - Organization Chart and Directory Search - Feature Demonstration Video

Client Case Study

Thanet District Council

Thanet District Council, a local government body for the Thanet district in England, approached Steegle to provide the Steegle People for G Suite to help find the right employees during the massive work-from-home change due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Steegle People for G Suite made a perfect fit for the council as so the staff could fine team members from any device or location. The customisations offered by Steegle helped the council choose Steegle People for G Suite above other competing org chart software and staff directory products.

Client Case Study - Thanet District Council - Steegle People for G Suite

Find the people you need to contact | Steegle People

Features offered by Steegle People for G Suite organization charts and directory search

Search G Suite Directory by name, email or skills

Search by Name, Email or Skills

Enter part of a name or an email address or required skill to quickly discover the people you need to find in your G Suite directory.

Find your team in the G Suite Directory

Find your Teammates

Search for departments and teams with partial matching to your department or team names in your G Suite directory.

Locate the right office with Steegle People for Guiste org charts and employee directory

Locate the right Office

Discover the geographic location for your employees, contractors, colleagues' or coworkers' office or base with Steegle People.

Organizational charts from the G Suite directory generated by Steegle People

Automatic Organisation Charts

See your organizational structures in Steegle People's charting tool taken from the lines of authority in your organisation's G Suite.

Scalable and Adaptable to your needs| Steegle People

Customisations we can make to Steegle People for G Suite org charts and employee search

Search by phone or mobile in the G Suite directory with Steegle People

Search by Phone or Mobile

Locate a person by searching for phone numbers or cell phone numbers from G Suite directory data via the reverse phone search.

Homepage and email notifications for work anniversaries and birthdays by Steegle People for G Suite

Work Anniversaries and Birthdays

Automatically see when to celebrate employee long service and birthdays without using the search tool to find anyone.

Sort and order results in the G Suite Directory

Sort and Order Results

Narrow your search and change the order and sorting of the phone directory search results and contact info.

Customise Steegle People for G Suite to meet your org chart software and directory needs

Specify your own needs

We can add a feature you want, adapt to your color scheme, add more directory information or social networks to profiles.

Steegle People for G Suite org charts and search Pricing

Starting prices for automatic organizational charts and searchable people finder for your G Suite

For education features and pricing please see Steegle People for Education - Organization Chart and Directory

*Subject to install and/or customization fee starting from $750 USD

Basic Features

  • Searchable directory with skills, birthdays, work anniversaries and location

Premium Features

  • Basic features plus instant org charts from G Suite

Questions about Steegle People for G Suite organizational diagram tool and staff directory

What software to use for exporting data to create org chart?

With Steegle People for G Suite you do not need any extra software to create the org chart as this is generated automatically from the relationship information contained within G Suite, which is normally maintained by your domain administrations in your IT department. If you want to export the org chart you can export to PDF using the print option in Google Chrome.

How easy is it to keep the organizational chart accurate and up to date?

The organization chart is automatically created from the manager relationship information stored in G Suite. Your G Suite domain administrator in your IT department will normally keep the user accounts up-to-date so there should not be any additional work to ensure your organizational structure is correctly reflected in the org chart.

Is this org chart software where you enter a table and relationships and it draws it for you?

If you already have your relations defined in the G Suite user database then Steegle People draws the the chart for you without a table. If you want to use another data source other than G Suite then you can use your own table in Google Sheets.

Is there a free or education version of the org chart generator and staff directory?

If your organization has less than 50 users we offer Steegle People for G Suite without any licence fees and only charge an configuration and install fee to ensure the staff directory and org chart meets your needs and works correctly.

If you're in education please see the education pricing and features on Steegle People for Education - Organization Chart and Directory

Can we add custom, searchable, fields and files live resumes and CVs to the org chart and directory?

Yes Steegle People for G Suite uses the Directory API part of Google's Admin SDK which supports custom schemas with fields you can specify yourself. In the feature demonstration video above we show the joining date and birth date and these are both custom fields added to G Suite and displayed in the directory. If you want to attach files these can be stored in Google Drive and the links to those files stored in the directory and made available via the org chart of person profile.

How is our personal data in the directory and the org chart used and what access does Steegle need?

We give you a copy of the script for the organizational chart and directory so it runs entirely in your G Suite and not on any of our systems or our accounts: the organization chart and directory is completely contained in your G Suite and not shared externally. Steegle only needs temporary access to your G Suite, via one of your G Suite accounts, to configure the org chart generator and directory for you and once configured you can remove our access from your G Suite account and grant again if you need ongoing support.

Can the directory and organization chart be adapted to our corporate style guide and colors?

Yes as part of the install and configuration process we can change the look, feel and colour schemes to meet your requirements to give the professional look you need for your corporate style.

Does the directory and organizational chart require any local installation on devices or browser extensions?

No: Steegle People for G Suite org chart generator and user directory is completely web-based cloud app and once running in one of your G Suite admin accounts does not need any further software to install on client machines or servers.

What is the functional difference between the 2 (Steegle People) versions?

With Steegle People Basic you can use the Search bar to find a person in your Directories by First name last name or Search for expertise or geographical location via the online directory and show staff contact information . Any of these Customizable Employee Profile fields can be combined to provide a boolean search and give narrower results.

Steegle People Premium extends the features to visually draw the direct reports in an hierarchical structure of your organization, to help give preparedness to human resources and your Information office to assist with project management and emergency management if you enter a disaster recovery scenario

What are the standard fields in Steegle People? Can employees change their details themselves?

Steegle People allows you to Search for people and Find someone with these fields

  • First and last name (Usernames)

  • E mail address and email aliases

  • Addresses and phone numbers*

  • Birthday (with hidden year of birth)*

  • Skills*

  • Employee photographs headshots*

*Default product allows these fields to be edited by end users but can be tailored to your needs.

How do I add custom fields?

During the configuration process we can add custom fields. After a custom field is added, it will appear when editing each user.

How can we access Steegle People

Steegle People is a web based user experience which can be accessed from a webpage on your intranet. (You can insert Steegle people by using a URL which will be provided to you.) It can be easily accessed for mobile on iPhone or Android or desktops like Chromebooks, Windows and MacOS Computers in any browser e.g. Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

How can I change the logo of my Steegle People add-in homepage?

We can add your logo from many of the popular drawing tools at the Configuring stage.

How do I install Steegle People and what system and backend does it run on?

After your purchase the system we will help you install the system which is included in our install fee. Steegle People lets you Build your employee dashboard and automate and simplify org chart creation via Google Apps Script, so no further authentication is required and integration with G Suite is Seamlessly achieved. If you use G Suite Directory Sync with Active Directory whenever you make offline updates to Active Directory Steegle People will show these updates. All data is stored in the G Suite user database.

How does the installation, configuration and licence pricing work?

Steegle People is free for the first 100 users! (Subject to a one off install fee)

Subscriptions are based on a quantity that corresponds to additional blocks of 50 users. So if you have 110 user your subscription will be for a quantity of 150 users.

With Steegle People, you never pay for users who are suspended, deleted, or hidden. Perpetual licenses are available POA.

Can Steegle People Display all levels of management in an organization?

The charting tools can be adapted to your businesses needs or made suitable for startups. It can be used top-down from Chief executive or Chairman downwards or you can Find people via the employee centered people search and demonstrate horizontally how people relate in the hierarchy professionally.