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Ensure your Google Workspace Reliability, Auditability, Scalability, Extensibility and Robustness and get the full security, integrity and all the benefits that Google Workspace offers

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Google Workspace Security Audit

If your organisation uses Google Workspace then do you know if you benefit from the right level of security and can ensure your data remains safe? With the Google Workspace Security Audit you will make use of our Google Workspace Certified Specialists expertise and experience to check your Google Workspace domain for adequate reliability, auditability, scalability, extensibility and robustness. What do you do if a member of your team maliciously, or accidentally, deletes vital data?  Do you know the benefits of 2-step verification and how to use it?  Can you demonstrate corporate ownership of your files and folders? Does Google Workspace or integrated third-party tools, offer features that can improve your organisation? 

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Google Workspace Security Audit

In a world of easy collaboration does your cloud leak data?

Ensure Data Security

Ensure Data Security

Find out the default sharing permissions and restrict open sharing and accidental public visibility.

Implement 2-step Verification

Implement 2-step Verification

Add more authentication to your account to make remote hacking more difficult to keep data safer.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Reduce the risk of unauthorised data access through lost mobile devices.

Adequate Backup

Adequate Backup

Consider third-party backup solutions for when you need to recover from malicious or accidental deletions.

How It Works



Understand your organization to help customize the audit that fits your specific needs.



Review your base Google Workspace settings including apps setup, security policies, and OU-level settings.



After completing the audit, we will send a detailed report along with recommended plan of actions.

Take Action

Take Action

Upon agreement, Steegle will implement the actions to improve your security standards.

Securing Your Google Workspace Data

Data Security 

Securing Your Google Workspace

Minimize Risks, Enhance Collaboration

Recovery and Extensions

Beyond the Basics

Our Process

Adhering to Google's Protocol

Engagement and Assessment

Compilation and Reporting

Woman addressing the process of Googles' protocol

Steegle Team

Addressing Your Google Workspace Security Concerns

Data Loss Prevention and Recovery

Enhanced Account Security

Ownership and Data Control

Leveraging Google Workspace and Third-Party Tools

Additional Security Queries that maybe Considered

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Why conduct a Google Workspace Security Audit?

To align with Google's recommendations and adapt to changes in technology and threats. 

Is this audit necessary for compliance?

Yes, it can be crucial for industry compliance and internal audits.

Do you examine Access Control during the audit?

Absolutely, access control is a key component of our security assessment.

How long does the audit typically take?

For larger, multi-domain organizations, the process can take 2 days or more.

What does the audit report include?

The report provides detailed findings, recommendations, and an implementation plan.

Are third-party integrations assessed?

Yes, we evaluate the security implications of third-party integrations.

How is mobile device security handled in the audit?

We assess policies and measures in place for mobile device management.

Can the audit help with data leak prevention?

Yes, it identifies and advises on mitigating risks of data leaks.

What happens after the audit?

We propose an action plan and, upon agreement, implement improvements.

How is user and app setup reviewed?

We conduct a comprehensive review of user configurations and app setups.

Will the audit disrupt our daily operations?

The audit is designed to be minimally invasive to your operations.

How does 2-step verification enhance security?

It adds an extra layer of security, to make unauthorised access to a Google Workspace account much harder.

Are data recovery solutions part of the audit?

Yes, we evaluate and recommend efficient data recovery solutions.

What if we have specific security concerns?

Our audit is customizable to address your specific security needs.

Is follow-up support provided after the audit?

Yes, if you wish, we provide comprehensive follow-up support and reporting (may be additional cost).