Google Workspace Intranet Solution

Get all of the power of professionally supported Google Site with enhanced power tools from Steegle at an affordable price.

Steegle Springboard: an intranet solution built on Google Sites with Steegle's extra tools bundled into one package

Springboard| All-in-one intranet based on Google Sites

Feature Details

Custom Theme

Our team will design your Google Site professionally, incorporating your corporate theme, or influenced by your brand guidelines, and use gadgets to make your site engaging and easy to use.

Effortless Editing

Unlike other platforms you don't need weeks of training. After we design your site we'll you so you can manage your site and our easy to use tools yourself all built on familiar Google technology.

Mobile Responsive

Steegle Springboard, built on Google Sites, is a fully mobile-responsive intranet platform, and gives your employees a portal they can access any time, anywhere any device.

People Search

Steegle People allows you to search for employees, coworkers, teams and departments in real time. Find skills, qualifications, social interests and photos to make remote working and collaboration fun.


Steegle News provides an easy-to-use tool to distribute internally and externally created news and announcements. Broadcast both whole company, departmental or branch office news .

Document Library

Steegle Share provides a document library for your important forms and reports. Stop searching endlessly in Google Drive when the intranet provides you with the single source of the truth for critical documents.

Org Charts

Steegle Springboard automatically generates organisation charts from your organisation structure in the Google Workspace Directory. See your charts in many different ways and your brand colours.


After development of your site and deployment of your Steegle tools we continue to support your site and editors with 5-star service and help you with any questions or issues you face.

All Inclusive Pricing

Why pay up to $20 user per month for complex intranet solutions? All our tools and support are bundled for an affordable, low monthly fee at a fraction of the cost.

Overview Video

Google Sites

Custom Themes

Sample darker-coloured custom theme for Google Sites provided by Steegle Springboard

On Brand Customised Design

We take your brand guidelines or your inspiration and create an Internet which is tailored to your specific needs not a generic template.

Capture your values

Inspire your colleagues with your brand values and mission.


We create user-friendly buttons to access your important apps.

Department Pages

Local offices and departments can easily manage their own sites and incorporate automatic tools for staff lists and file shares .

Sample brightly-coloured custom theme for Google Sites provided by Steegle Springboard
Sample colourful custom theme for Google Sites provided by Steegle Springboard

Efficient links

When employees open up the web browser they can be greeted with the company intranet with handy links to all day-to-day applications.

Google Insight

Steegle has a great relationship with the Google Sites Team and can advise on the latest tips and tricks.

Steegle People logo

Springboard People

People Search

Create rich user profiles with searchable fields like teams, qualifications and even personal interests like hobbies, favourite sports teams or whatever you choose.

Updated in Real Time

Users and their direct and indirect managers can update fields, reducing back-end administration, stored securely and privately in your organisation's Google Workspace.

Sample of Steegle Springboard People - directory showing an employee profile with contact details, employment details, skills and achievements
Steegle People logo

Springboard Org Charts

Sample of Steegle Springboard People - organisation chart showing the reporting structure of a company

Instant, Automatic Org Charts

Springboard automatically creates organisation charts from the manager relationships specified in the Google Workspace directory. No more tedious updating organisational charts in Visio! Export organograms any time to a highly-scalable, printable SVG file

Department Organograms

See the structure of a single department, team or whole organisation, instantly, and use the org chart to navigate the reporting chain.

Steegle News logo

Springboard Announcements

Broadcast your News

Create interesting and compelling news articles and summarise them on your Springboard intranet homepage for all to see. Tag and filter the announcements to help give appropriateness.

News from Users and RSS

Get news contributions from your users and retain editorial control over publishing. Display automatic updates from RSS feeds on the public web.

Sample of Steegle Springboard Announcements and News - a news and updates gadget to replace the sadly missed Announcement pages and recent posts for Google Sites
Steegle Share logo

Springboard Document Library

Sample of Steegle Springboard Document Library - a Google Drive Shared Drive folder hierarchy showing an open folder with full-text search and sorting

Single Source of Truth

Give your employees a display of all the official and up-to-date documents and files, so they know with confidence the file they find is the correct one.

Search, Sort and View

Use the search box to find the files you need, by either the file name or within the content of the file. Choose the best way to show your files with grid or list view.

Steegle Heroes Logo

Springboard Heroes

Shout-out your Heroes

Give shout-outs, thanks, kudos, praise and recognition to your colleagues, coworkers and employees for excellent performance, going above and beyond the call of duty or just all-round awesomeness.

Highlight User Profiles

When you use Springboard Heroes to thank your colleagues, coworkers and employees it links to each users' profile to learn more about your superstars.

Sample of Steegle Springboard Heroes - an employee recognition and praise system butil for Google Workspace

Real Feedback Reviews

Google Cloud Partner - Steegle.com

Since 2008 over 5.1 million people have used our website knowledge-base. Working with Google as a Google Cloud Partner we've helped steer development of Google Sites and you can be sure when you use us you get the latest tools, scripts and techniques to give you the best Google Sites intranet experience. We are your Google Intranet Solution Providers!

Questions about Steegle Springboard

Springboard Subscription

What's included in a subscription to Springboard?

You get access to all of the Steegle tools (Steegle People, Steegle News and Steegle Share) for one simple price and 5-star support.

Design and deployment fees may be applicable.

Do you bill monthly?

No: for a normal sized deployments we bill annually.

What is the Pricing of Springboard

Springboard compares very favourably with other intranet tools on the market. Pricing starts at c.$400/Month

Do have to buy additional licenses for new users?

No! You can grow your user base up to to 30% without any additional charge untill the next billing cycle.

Springboard Project Process

Do I have to learn to use Springboard?

Steegle Springboard is reliant on Google Workspace technology so you don't need any special training but we will provide you with training for Google Sites and our tools as part of our solution.

How long does a Springboard project take?

Typical site devlopment to deployment including testing is 4-8 weeks after kick off.

Do you offer a migration services

Yes! We can help you migrate from your legacy site.

Is it easy to administer Springboard?

Yes, administration revolves around standard Google administration and the settings in each of our tools.

Springboard compared to Other Solutions

Springboard design philosophy

Springboard is designed as a package that adds value to Google's own Google sites offering. Out of the box Google Sites does not offer these key features that Steegle Springboard provides:

    • An announcement or news tool

    • An employee directory

    • A comprehensive way of sharing files

    • An automatic way of generating org chart

The Steege Springboard intranet solution addresses these and adds lots of value on top new features being added all the time.

Since we build your Springboard intranet on Google Sites this keeps things simple and familiar, like administration,security and single sign on.

How does Springboard compare with Happeo?

Happeo / Universe is a platform intranet solution that integrates with Google Workspace. We find these key differences:

  • it requires your intranet curation and management team to learn the system

  • it removes data from your Google Workspace into its own data repositories

  • it is more expensive

  • We can better customize Springboard to your own look and feel than proprietary systems.

  • Springboard offers a more comprehensive and powerful organisational directory and org chart features.

Why is Springboard needed if you have Google Sites?

Google Sites is an easy-to-use platform, mobile device friendly, resilient and scalable. Is is no especially purposed as an intranet or employee experience platform however. Google Sites lacks some of the powerful functionality for that purpose. With over 10 years' experience on Google Sites, Steegle has developed a toolset which brings the platform to life as an intranet. Steegle Springboard Intranet Solution bundles these products to give a simple, one-price solution.

How does Springboard compare with Lumapps?

Lumapps is a powerful platform and intranet solution that integrates with Google Workspace. You will see that:

  • an steeper learning curve for your intranet management and employee communication team to learn how to use LumApps

  • your personally identifiable data is copied to LumApps' own data repositories

  • higher total cost of ownership

  • Springboard does not offer the community features of Lumapps - See Springboard design philosophy on why we take this approach

Do you need an intranet on Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a powerful collaborative platform but without a solution like Steegle Springboard it does not easily offer a central place for people to find information.

Our philosophy is that an intranet can act like a virtual reception desk to help you navigate the sea of organisational knowledge. This is more important than ever in hybrid remote-working or distributed working environments. It's a great place for new joiners and seasoned employees to get "watercooler" news snippets and forms and processes alike.

Springboard vs Papyrs, Simpplr, Thoughtfamer etc

Papyrs, Simpplr, Thoughtfamer (and other similar systems) do not deeply integrated with Google Workspace and can, in the longer term, be more expensive.

Springboard General

Can we use Springboard for an Extranet?

Yes, extranet linked sites are possible.

How does data security work on Springboard?

All your sensitive user data remains within your own Google tenant and is not passed through to us or our systems. Unlike other systems available from third-party market places we install our toolset on your environment rather than making you come to our environment that way you're always protected.

Do you offer a roadmap for Springboard?

New developments and products are being added to the Steegle Springboard intranet solution all the time.

Do you work with Google Partners or Agencies?

Yes! If you are a Google Cloud Partner we will happily discuss reselling options for all of our products.