Steegle Flow for Google Workspace

Document Management Workflow & Authorization

Get custom workflows, with varying levels of authorizations, for your documents in Google Drive for purchase orders, requisitions, holiday approvals and much more.

One off pricing from $7500 unlimited users!

Document Authorization and Workflows in Drive

Get a bespoke workflow and authorizations for Google Workspace

Many organisations need a well-defined authorization workflow for certain documents, like purchase orders, holiday requests, published safety documents and more.

Take advantage of the automation that Google Workspace can provide through Google Apps Script to take the strain of getting the correct approvals in an efficient and effective way.

Authorise Documents in your Business Workflows

Steegle Workflow for Google Drive uses a customised Google Drive interface to give extra tools for the documents you want to approve and process through a structured workflow. Steegle Workflow uses the power of Apps Script, provided by Google Workspace, to provide a secure framework and responsive system to provide a workflow so your organisation can approve documents, like purchase orders, policies procedures, to give your organisation approved and authorised documents so you company can easily find one version of the truth.

GDPR Compliant

Steegle Flow for Google Workspace runs entirely within your Google Workspace environment. Other solutions pull your data into their owns environments so you can never be sure were you data end up - and you have to seek separate GDPR Compliance. With our system no such authorisation is required.

Steegle Flow - Example for a Requisition Process

Home Screen Dashboard from where user can make a new workflow request
Home Screen Dashboard from where user can make a new workflow request
Example Business Process - Automated by Steegle Flow
Example Business Form - Automated in Sheets

Simplify your manual processes | Steegle Flow™

Have a customised workflow developed for your business process

Search G Suite Directory by name, email or skills

Uses the power of Google Workspace

Why waste time email attachments bombarding your inbox When you can have a customised design process ?

Find your team in the G Suite Directory

Go Paperless

Stop sending papers around and looking for signatures - using the power of Google workspaces means that you can securely authorise documents

Locate the right office with Steegle People for Guiste org charts and employee directory


Because our processes are custom designed we can scale them up to deal with your levels of workflow.

Customise Steegle People for G Suite to meet your org chart software and directory needs

Specify your own needs

We can add a feature a specific workflow you want, adapt to your color scheme or build special automation.

Pricing and Demo Request

Pricing for Steegle Flow™

Steegle Flow is implemented as a customised solution using our Google Workspace tools. The price will vary depending on the workflow you want to automate.

Prices start at $7500, no user licenses required. Contact us for detailed pricing or to request a proposal.

Questions about Steegle Flow™

Do we need to use Google Sheets for the workflow?

No: you can use any kind of file you can store in Google Drive but Sheets often give the most flexibility.

How Steegle Flow™ secured?

Steegle Flow works only in Google Apps Script provided by Google Workspace, so the whole system is secured by Google Workplaces' security. For more information on the security offered by Google Workspace see Security & Trust Centre | Google Workspace.

Do we need to have people icons in the workflow page?

No: we can turn off the user avatar if that's not something you want displayed.

How can we audit Steegle Flow?

All of the changes made to document are tracked in a specific Google Sheet and you can also see the Drive activity logs.

Can we customise Steegle Flow™?

Yes: before we deploy we will organise a specification call to create a well-defined specification for your workflow. There are also many applications like Leave Request Expense Approvals, Employee On-boarding and Off-boarding, Employee Work from Agreements, Document Approval and Digital Signing etc

Can we search Steegle Flow™?

The Steegle Flow front-end is based on Google Drive and offers a search box so you can search the names and content of the files (provided they can be indexed by Google Drive). You can also filter the log in Google Sheets to find information from that approach.

Can the Steegle Flow™ be adapted to our corporate style guide and colors?

Yes as part of the install and configuration process we can change the look, feel and colour schemes to meet your requirements to give the professional look you need for your corporate style.

Does Steegle Flow ™require any local installation on devices or browser extensions?

No: Steegle Flow is completely web-based cloud app and once running in one of your Google Workspace accounts it does not need any further software to install on client machines or servers.

Can Steegle Flow™ work on mobiles for fieldworkers?

During the specification process we can design a mobile friendly version if this is a core requirement

How do users access Steegle Flow™?

Steegle Flow is a web based user experience which can be accessed from a webpage on your intranet. (You can insert Steegle Flow by using a URL which will be provided to you.) It can be easily accessed for mobile on iPhone or Android or desktops like Chromebooks, Windows and MacOS Computers in any browser e.g. Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Does Steegle Flow™ replace accounting or HR systems?

Many HR or account systems have self-service requests. However they are typically generic, complicated and require separate expensive user licenses. Our system uses the power of Google Workspace or even free Google Personal Google accounts delivering you secure high-quality workflows.

How does Steegle Flow compare to AODocs, Kissflow, etc.

AO docs , Kissflow etc can build some process which are user configured. They have system dependent restrictions, may take copies of your data out of your own Google Workspace and all require separate users based licensing. Our system if customised and has no additional users based cost.

Client Case Study

Educational Institute - USA

The purchasing department of a educational institute approached us to help give a customized workflow for their purchase order requisition system. They needed to track the progress of requisition submitted by teachers through their three-stage approval process and the ordering and reconciliation process upon receipt.

Once a well-defined specification was decided upon we but the bespoke approval workflow process to meet the needs of the system. Various iterations were worked through to tailor the process to exactly match the requirements of the educational institute.