Migrate to G Suite in Google Cloud

Safe and secure data migration from your current server to G Suite in Google Cloud

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Your Current Scenario:

If your data currently sits siloed on a risky and old on-premise server, or you use an expensive and ineffective cloud environment, you can benefit from moving to G Suite to take advantage of its industry-leading collaboration, reliability and security. You may already be on G Suite and want to split your environment into multiple G Suite instances, for group company separations - we can help with that too.

How Steegle can help:

If you want to migrate to G Suite we can help make this transition as painless as possible. We provide a secure, confidential and reliable migration service where we transfer your data from your current servers to G Suite, for example, your Windows or Azure file servers to Google Drive, your email to Gmail and SharePoint to Google Sites.

The Service:

At Steegle we want to help you migrate to G Suite in the most comfortable and painless way. We will meet with all the relevant stakeholders to define the scope of the migration and then provide a detailed and structured plan to move you to Google's G Suite cloud. We usually take the following approach:

  • Listen - only until we have heard from you can we begin to fully understand what G Suite migration requirements you need to address;
  • Ideate - develop a comprehensive plan to efficiently and effectively control your migration to G Suite in the Google Cloud;
  • Collaborate - constantly feedback to and work with your teams to ensure the integrity of your migrated mission-critical data;
  • Deliver - provide increased productivity, collaboration and security and offer ongoing expert G Suite support.

Client Case Study - The Portland Trust

British non-profit organisation migrated to G Suite

The Portland Trust needed help on migrating to a new cloud-based platform and move away from expensive server-based systems. The Portland Trust had a combination of a legacy Azure Server, Office 365 and SharePoint (a hybrid cloud system) but collaboration between the international teams was almost non-existent because it was a "pain-in-the-neck" dealing with security, VPNs and day-to-day communications.

We migrated the Trust to G Suite for Nonprofits and trained them on how to collaborate effectively: we continue to provide ongoing, end-user support to continually improve G Suite usage.

The Steegle Migration Process

  • Understanding the G Suite migration project needs
  • Understanding the projects risks and dependencies G Suite migration can mitigate
  • Auditing the data and G Suite migration requirements
  • Staff training and parallel migration of email, files from SharePoint and Azure servers

The Outcome

  • Staff efficiency has increased 25-37%
  • Annual operational costs reduced by 80%