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Google Workspace

Safe and secure data migration from your current server to Google Workspace in Google Cloud:

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Your Current Scenario:

If your data currently sits siloed on a risky and old on-premise server, or you use an expensive and ineffective cloud environment, you can benefit from moving to Google Workspace to take advantage of its industry-leading collaboration, reliability and security. You may already be on Google Workspace and want to split your environment into multiple Google Workspace instances, for group company separations - we can help with that too.

How Steegle can help:

If you want to migrate to Google Workspace we can help make this transition as painless as possible. We provide a secure, confidential and reliable migration service where we transfer your data from your current servers to Google Workspace, for example, your Windows or Azure file servers to Google Drive, your email to Gmail and SharePoint to Google Sites.

The Service:

At Steegle we want to help you migrate to Google Workspace in the most comfortable and painless way. We will meet with all the relevant stakeholders to define the scope of the migration and then provide a detailed and structured plan to move you to Google Workspace. We usually take the following approach:

  • Listen - only until we have heard from you can we begin to fully understand what Google Workspace migration requirements you need to address;

  • Ideate - develop a comprehensive plan to efficiently and effectively control your migration to Google Workspace in the Google Cloud;

  • Collaborate - constantly feedback to and work with your teams to ensure the integrity of your migrated mission-critical data;

  • Deliver - provide increased productivity, collaboration and security and offer ongoing expert Google Workspace support.

Client Case Study - The Portland Trust

British non-profit organisation migrated to Google Workspace

The Portland Trust needed help on migrating to a new cloud-based platform and move away from expensive server-based systems. The Portland Trust had a combination of a legacy Azure Server, Office 365 and SharePoint (a hybrid cloud system) but collaboration between the international teams was almost non-existent because it was a "pain-in-the-neck" dealing with security, VPNs and day-to-day communications.

We migrated the Trust to Google Workspace for Nonprofits and trained them on how to collaborate effectively: we continue to provide ongoing, end-user support to continually improve Google Workspace usage.

The Steegle Migration Process

  • Understanding the Google Workspace migration project needs

  • Understanding the projects risks and dependencies Google Workspace migration can mitigate

  • Auditing the data and Google Workspace migration requirements

  • Staff training and parallel migration of email, files from SharePoint and Azure servers

The Outcome

  • Staff efficiency has increased 25-37%

  • Annual operational costs reduced by 80%