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Instant Directory and Org Charts for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Institutes

Organization chart and searchable directory for Google Workspace that automatically generates org charts to show your organization structure and real-time search results!


Steegle People for Education

A student profile depicting her personal details, interests, fellow class members and tutor.

A student profile depicting her personal details, interests, fellow class members and tutor.

A tutor profile showing his area of teaching expertise, experience and students in his classes.

A tutor profile showing his area of teaching expertise, experience and students in his classes.

A tutor profile highlighting the staff relationships in the faculty.

A tutor profile highlighting the staff relationships in the faculty.

Make your Google Workspace Into a Powerful Directory

for Google Sites intranets and mobile web

In today's fast paced world where organisations are constantly adapting and growing to new educational demands, it can be a great challenge to keep a track of teaching faculty and back-office staff. The problem is be amplified when an individual's at school or college forms part of a much larger institutional arrangement comprising many schools or subunits nationally or even internationally. With potentially hundreds of staff and thousands of students, it can require a small army of people to an keep an up-to-date directory and is practically impossible to make organisational bubble charts using diagramming software like Microsoft Visio or Excel spreadsheets.

But by leveraging the power of Google Workspace, our tool Steegle People for Education allows easy searching of anyone with a Google Workspace account be they staff, contractors, pupils or students. As a cloud based tool, all of the information can be securely accessed irrespective of the location and device, and what's more this can be done automatically! So less stress on overworked HR teams - because if your have a Google Workspace account you have a Steegle People profile!

Its Gets Even Better - Automatic Organizational Charts!

Steegle People for Google Workspace Directory automatically generates an organization chart for the academic and other staff or a large view of the full organisation if required, with a single click. In a similar way, students or individual classes can be defined. Imagine a teacher starting a new academic year armed with an easy access to an organisational chart of their class of students, without all the manual hassle for administration staff. Drill down and the teacher could see a students self made directory profile, personal interests and up to date photo!


An org chart with pictures brings an online presence to life and works at all levels of the education system, including universities, districts, schools, and even departments. It provides easy to find information about who you need to contact for each issue and (subject to access) can even help parents, pupils and students to figure out how to get things done.

There are many benefits that org charts can bring to schools and educational institutions e.g.

  • Improve communication and collaboration - makes it easy to find subject matter experts

  • Helps manage classes and resources visually

  • Improves Morale - People enjoy developing their profiles

  • Usefulness and Efficiency - of Internal intranets is increased

  • Saves valuable HR and administration time by automation

Customised Solution

At Steegle we understand that one size does not always fit all . Academic institutions around the world will be different according to their purpose, needs and their statutory duties. We tailor the tool to suit your environment. You may decide not to give students or parents access, you may need to restrict access of the teaching body to just key managers. We first understand your needs and then tailor the system to meet them.

Special Educational Pricing

We have an friendly licensing models for education based on a one off fee. Options are available for support and upgrade management. (See below)


If you would like to create an org chart for your school or educational institution, fill up our form and get a Demo .

Class charts can show the class members and tutor

Understand your organization | Steegle People

Steegle People for Education Features

Search G Suite Directory by name, email or skills

Search by Name, Email or Skills

Enter part of a name or an email address or required skill to quickly discover the people you need to find in your Google Workspace directory

Find your team in the G Suite Directory

Find your Coworkers or Students

Search for departments and teams with partial matching to your department or team names in your Google Workspace directory

Locate the right office with Steegle People for Guiste org charts and employee directory

Location! Location Location!

Discover the geographical location for your academic staff, contractors, coworkers or students' base with Steegle People

Organizational charts from the G Suite directory generated by Steegle People

Instant Organisation Charts

See your organizational structure in a chart generated by Steegle People from the relationships in your organisation's Google Workspace

Scalable and Adaptable to your needs| Steegle People

We can customise Steegle People & integrated with Google Classroom

Search by phone or mobile in the G Suite directory with Steegle People

Search by Phone or Mobile

If you have the phone number find the person who called (subject to permissions)

Homepage and email notifications for work anniversaries and birthdays by Steegle People for G Suite

Anniversaries and Birthdays

See when to celebrate coworkers long service and birthday of staff and students

Sort and order results in the G Suite Directory

Sort and Order Results

Change the order and sorting of directory search results

Customise Steegle People for G Suite to meet your org chart software and directory needs

Specify your own needs

We can add a feature you want and adapt to your color scheme.

Steegle People for Education Pricing

Introductory pricing for automatic organizational charts and searchable people finder for your Google Workspace

Questions about Steegle People for Education organizational diagram tool and student directory

What software to use for exporting data to create org chart?

With Steegle People for Google Workspace you do not need any extra software to create the org chart as this is generated automatically from the relationship information contained within Google Workspace, which is normally maintained by your domain administrations in your IT department. If you want to export the org chart you can export to PDF using the print option in Google Chrome.

How easy is it to keep the organizational chart accurate and up to date?

The organization chart is automatically created from the manager relationship information stored in Google Workspace. Your Google Workspace domain administrator in your IT department will normally keep the user accounts up-to-date so there should not be any additional work to ensure your organizational structure is correctly reflected in the org chart.

Is this org chart software where you enter a table and relationships and it draws it for you?

If you already have your relations defined in the Google Workspace user database then Steegle People draws the the chart for you without a table. If you want to use another data source other than Google Workspace then you can use your own table in Google Sheets.

Is there a free version of the org chart generator and staff directory?

If your organization has less than 100 users we offer Steegle People for Google Workspace without any licence fees and only charge an configuration and install fee to ensure the staff directory and org chart meets your needs and works correctly.

Can we add custom, searchable, fields and files live resumes and CVs to the org chart and directory?

Yes Steegle People for Google Workspace uses the Directory API part of Google's Admin SDK which supports custom schemas with fields you can specify yourself. In the feature demonstration video above we show the joining date and birth date and these are both custom fields added to Google Workspace and displayed in the directory. If you want to attach files these can be stored in Google Drive and the links to those files stored in the directory and made available via the org chart of person profile.

How is our personal data in the directory and the org chart used and what access does Steegle need?

We give you a copy of the script for the organizational chart and directory so it runs entirely in your Google Workspace and not on any of our systems or our accounts: the organization chart and directory is completely contained in your Google Workspace and not shared externally. Steegle only needs temporary access to your Google Workspace, via one of your Google Workspace accounts, to configure the org chart generator and directory for you and once configured you can remove our access from your Google Workspace account and grant again if you need ongoing support.

Can the directory and organization chart be adapted to our academic style guide and colors?

Yes as part of the install and configuration process we can change the look, feel and colour schemes to meet your requirements to give the professional look you need for your corporate style.

Does the directory and organizational chart require any local installation on devices or browser extensions?

No: Steegle People for Google Workspace org chart generator and user directory is completely web-based cloud app and once running in one of your Google Workspace admin accounts does not need any further software to install on client machines or servers.

Organization chart of the entire organisation in Steegle People for G Suite Org Charts and Directory

An example of a full organizational chart

Employee search results in Steegle People for G Suite Org Charts and Directory

Screenshot of directory search results