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People Profile

Employee profile with detailed database and 360° org chart

Springboard People Profile Page

The Springboard People Profile page let users update their Google Workspace profile with all the details and photos. The page consists of all the work details and bio of the users.

Steegle People Profile Alex

The People profile page includes the profile image, background image, and badges on the top of the profile details user.

  • Skills Badges

  • Upload profile picture and background

  • Contact Details

  • Employment Details

Skills in People Profile

This section of page enlists contact details, Skills and achievements and reporting chain.

  • Skills and Achievements

  • Reporting Chain

Reporting Chain in People Profile

This section on this page shows their skills and achievements, as well as who their manager is and who they report to.

Fun Facts in People Profile

This section of the page shows the about, fun facts, and profile images of the profile owner page.

  • About

  • Fun Facts

360 degree org chart in People Profile

This section of page shows 360°org chart of the profile owner page.

  • 360° whole organisation org chart

  • Zoom the org chart

  • Full screen mode

  • Minimise and maximise the chart

At the bottom of the user profile Springboard Intranet automatically generates an instant org chart showing where the user sites in the organisation. The org chart focuses on the user and shows:

  • the user's colleagues,

  • the user's manager,

  • and the people that report to the user

You can use this org chart to navigate around the organisation, e.g. if you click on the manager the manager's profile opens and displays the manager's 360 org chart and profile information.