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What Exactly is Google Workspace Admin Pro Support?

Google Workspace Admin Pro Support is a comprehensive service that manages and optimizes your Google Workspace environment. It includes user and group management, security monitoring, troubleshooting, and more, all handled by our expert team.

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For detailed pricing or a customized quote, contact us or view our pricing table

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Workspace Admin Pro Support by

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Our fractional admin service offers comprehensive expertise and support to manage your Google Workspace environment efficiently, eliminating the need for a costly in-house specialist.

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Ideal for growing SMBs (5-200 employees) seeking professional oversight for Google Workspace without the overhead of a full-time admin.

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For detailed pricing or a customized quote, contact us or view our pricing table.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  Is it Necessary to Purchase Google Workspace Licenses from

Do we have to buy our Google Workspace licenses directly from to use your Admin Pro Support services?
No, it is not mandatory to purchase your Google Workspace licenses from to utilize our Admin Pro Support services. While we do offer Google Workspace licenses, you are free to procure them from any source of your choice. Our support services are designed to be compatible regardless of where your licenses are obtained. This flexibility allows you to choose the most cost-effective or convenient option for your organization while still benefiting from our expert Google Workspace administration and support.

Scope of Support for End User Applications and Hardware

Does your Google Workspace Admin Pro Support extend to end-user applications like Adobe, Microsoft, antivirus software, or hardware support?
Our primary focus and expertise lie in the administration and support of Google Workspace environments. This includes managing user accounts, security settings, compliance, and optimization of Google Workspace applications and services. While we are specialized in Google Workspace, we do not provide direct support for third-party end-user applications like Adobe or Microsoft, antivirus software, or hardware-related issues. However, we can offer guidance and best practices on how these applications can integrate and function smoothly with Google Workspace. For dedicated support on these third-party applications or hardware, we recommend partnering with specialized IT service providers who focus on those specific areas.

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Who Can Benefit from This Service?

Our service is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with 5 to 250 employees who need professional Google Workspace management but don't have the budget or need for a full-time in-house administrator.

 How Does This Service Save Time and Money?

By outsourcing your Google Workspace administration to us, you save time and money that would otherwise be spent on training existing staff or hiring a specialist. Our fractional service model means you only pay for what you use.

What is Included in the Standard Service Package?

The standard package includes ongoing user and group management, security and compliance monitoring, admin-level troubleshooting, custom configurations, and periodic optimization adjustments.

What Makes Your Service Stand Out from Others?

Our service stands out due to our competitive pricing, flexibility in service levels, rapid response times, and our team's deep expertise in Google Workspace. We have been serving clients since 2008 and have a proven track record.

How is Pricing Structured?

Pricing starts at $7 per user per month with a minimum 12-month term. We also offer a 20% discount for organizations with more than 100 users.

Can the Service Be Customized for Specific Needs?

Yes, we offer customization options as part of our audit service. We can tailor Google Workspace settings to fit your organizational needs and preferences.

What is the Response Time for Support Requests?

Our standard response time is 1 business day for most admin requests and issues. We also offer prioritized response options for emergencies.

Do You Offer Any Additional Services?

Apart from the standard services, we offer data migration and backup, reporting and auditing, training and support, and customization as additional services.

How Can I Get Started?

To get started, contact us for a free assessment and personalized quote. We'll discuss your specific needs and how our service can be tailored to meet them.

How Does Billing Work and When Are Payments Required?

Can you explain the billing cycle and payment terms for additional users?
Absolutely! Our billing cycle is annual, and payment is required upfront. This streamlined process ensures consistent, uninterrupted service throughout the year. For additional users added to your Google Workspace environment, we assess and include them in your plan immediately. This means that any changes in your user count are reflected promptly, guaranteeing that your service level and billing stay accurately aligned with your current needs. We prioritize flexibility and transparency in our billing to ensure you receive optimal value and convenience from our services.

Support for US and global  Customers from a UK-Based Company?

Being based in the UK, how do you effectively support US customers?
Our UK-based operations are well-equipped to provide exceptional support to our US customers. We understand the importance of seamless, timely support regardless of geographical location. Here's how we ensure effective service for our US clients:

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